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Mike and Frances Healy
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Community Events

Yarn and a Cuppa

Saturday Morning Yarn and Coffee

Please join us at ATLANTA BREAD in The Collection, for knitting, crochet, a cuppa, and conversation. Hope to see you there!

Indian Seats Trail (4 miles RT)

20s Hiking/Adventuring

Okay, so we've had some requests for Blood Mountain, but I think I'm going to save that one for the next hike. (Since I leave for work a couple days after, and don't want to wear myself out. Just since I know it's a full day event/drive to get...

Viticulture, Stone Age, Coal Baron...

C.A.G.E. - Cumming Area Gaming Enthusiasts

I love worker placement games, and I know they are pretty popular. I thought I would bring some, but bring any game you like!

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